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What is Rooting in Android? Explained!

What is Rooting? Meaning, Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages

Most of the Android users don’t know about Rooting in Android even though Android has launched many years ago. So I decided to write an article on What is meant by Rooting. Read below to Understanding about Rooting in Android.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is a process of allowing the Android users to attain privileged control over the device. It means that if we root our android device it provides us extra features and functions. Rooting is often done with a goal to overcome the limitations that mobile manufacturer and carriers put on Android devices .By default most of the features on android devices are disabled, either for future use or to prevent permanent damage to your device. Rooting is the process of unlocking advanced features and give the device user full-access to his/her device. Basically Rooting means to get to the root of the Operating System and have the ability to make the goal changes.

Advantages of Rooting:

  •  Rooting provides advance functions. You can run some special applications which requires root access like Link2SD, Root Explorer, Super Su, Blackmart Alpha etc.,
  • When you install apps on android device they are installed in internal memory. In order to move apps to external storage to free up internal memory rooting is required and Link2SD is the app that is used to move apps to external storage.
  • We can install custom Roms that can increase our device performance and battery life and many more.
  • We can download paid apps for free using an app called Blackmart Aplha and there are many other apps too.

Disadvantages of Rooting:

The main two disadvantages of rooting are :

  • It voids your phone’s warranty i.e., if you root your device it immediately voids your warranty. So if you want to root your device please wait until your warranty period is completed.
  • Risk of bricking your device. As rooting provides advance features if you mess with them you may break your device. Carrying bricked device is same as carrying a brick in your device. The device is dead when it is rooted.


So keeping in mind the above points I advice you to take decision wisely whether to root your device or not. The decision of rooting device is one should not take in a hurry.

If you want to root your device then after rooting please don’t mess with it i.e., use it with care.