Model Name / NumberPrice (INR)
Maxx AXD102,796
Maxx GenxDroid7 AX5063,999
Maxx AX409 Duo2,399
Maxx AXD213,499
Maxx AX411Duo2,790
Maxx Genx Droid73,099
Maxx MSD7 Android3,739
Maxx Genx Droid7 AX3522,549
Maxx AX8 Android7,147
Maxx AX8 Race8,500
Maxx AX8 Note I8,639
Maxx AX8 Note II8,769
Maxx AX36,539
Maxx MSD7 Smarty5,369
Maxx AX9Z Race10,499
Maxx TAB701N/A
Maxx TAB7227,049

The prices of above Maxx mobiles phones and tablets are gathered from various sources and mobile dealers in India. They are included with warranty and bill. Taxes are not included in the above price list as they vary from state to state. The above listed prices may vary as the Maxx mobiles and Tablets prices keep changing, we try to update this list once in a 6 months.