Model Name / NumberPrice (INR)
HTC Desire 326G Dual SIM8,832
HTC One E9 Plus34,999
HTC One ME Dual SIM51,999
HTC Desire 820G Plus12,350
HTC One M9 Plus46,599
HTC One M945,999
HTC Desire U9,499
HTC Desire 210 Dual SIM7,311
HTC Desire V10,899
HTC One S13,999
HTC Desire 50014,499
HTC Desire SV13,499
HTC Incredible S11,990
HTC 8X14,509
HTC Amaze 4G13,571
HTC Desire XDS10,495
HTC One X Plus16,399
HTC One X15,500
HTC Desire 700 Dual SIM19,199
HTC One Mini21,688
HTC Desire 81623,490
HTC Butterfly20,999
HTC Desire 600 Dual SIM20,999
HTC One29,990
HTC M8 One 243,900
HTC One Dual SIM33,555
HTC One Max44,887
HTC M729,990
HTC QuattroN/A
HTC Evo view 4GN/A
HTC FlyerN/A

The prices of above HTC mobiles phones and tablets are gathered from various sources and mobile dealers in India. They are included with warranty and bill. Taxes are not included in the above price list as they vary from state to state. The above listed prices may vary as the HTC mobiles and Tablets prices keep changing, we try to update this list once in a 6 months.