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How to Install ADB and Fastboot Drivers on Windows PC

Check here small tutorial on how to install Android ADB and Fastboot Drivers on your Windows PC

If you want to control your device from PC, by enabling USB Debugging from the Developer Options then you need to have ADB and Fastboot drivers installed on your Windows PC. Before proceeding to install the drivers let’s have a look at what ADB is, ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge which helps you to build a connection between your Android device and your PC. On the other hand Fastboot is used to flash Custom ROM’s, Custom Recoveries etc., on to your device.

So after having learnt what ADB and Fastboot are, let’s now proceed to install the same on to your PC.

Procedure to Install ADB and Fastboot driver on windows PC:

  • First of all download the Android SDK Tool from Android Development Site.
  • In order to make the Android SDK Tool work, you must have installed Java SE Development Kit 7 on your PC.
  • Now install the downloaded Android SDK Tool, make sure to keep all options to default while Installing Android SDK Tool.
  • At the last stage just check Start SDK Manager and click on Finish.
  • Now a window will pop up showing you various options, uncheck all the options and check only Android SDK Platform Tools and Google USB Drivers. Google USB Drivers option is listed in the Extras section.
  • Now install both the packages and Finish the installation.
  • That’s it now you have successfully installed the Android SDK Tool, ADB and Fastboot drivers.

Testing ADB Drivers:

  • Connect your device with USB Debugging enabled.
  • Now your PC will detect your device and installs the required USB drivers.
  • After drivers are installed, navigateto Android SDK Tool installation directory and open platform-tools folder.
  • Now as you are in platform-tools folder, hold Shift key and Right Click any where inside the folder. Now click on Open Command window here.
  • Now in command window type in ”adb devices”, now you will see list of devices connected to your PC.

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Setting up Fastboot:

If you want to flash Custom ROM, Rcovery or Kernel on to your HTC, Sony etc., device then you need to have Fastboot set up correctly. To setup Fastboot on your windows PC, follow the below steps.

  • Create a folder on your C:/ drive and name it as fastboot.
  • Now head over to Android SDK Tool install directory and open the platform-tools folder.
  • Now select “adb”, “AdbWinApi.dll” and “fastboot” and copy them to your newly created folder i.e., C:/fastboot/

That’s it now you are done with both ADB and Fastboot drivers installation and set up. Do let us know in the comment section if you have any issues while installing the drivers on to your windows PC.